Cleaning & Maintenance

Professional Cleaning

A clean accommodation is one of the most important factors for satisfied guests. We will provide a professional cleaning service before every check-in, so your space will always look it’s best and your guests will feel right at home.

Maintenance and Rental of Linen

We will provide our own high-quality and clean bedlinens and towels at check-in, so you don’t have to purchase and maintain these.

Supplement Cleaning Supplies

We will provide a basic supply of quality cleaning materials for a perfect cleaning.

Comfort Needs

We will always make sure that your guests have access to all essentials for their comfort. Supply will be checked and filled regularly.

* A cleaning-free will be added for your guests at every check-in

What other
services we offer?

From calling to cleaning, Bnb assist is eager to take
the following burdens from you.

Advice & Advertisement

Let our photos and copywriting be your assets! From advertisement to advice, we assist you in turning your accommodation into a success story.

Communication & Management

We plan, receive and manage all reservations. In this way we guarantee yield without a brake on freedom.

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      Discover how much you can earn

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